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The new interim Mass schedule for Our Lady of Grace and St. Bernard grouping.

Dear Parishioner:


          In a few weeks the implementation phase of On Mission for the Church Alive! begins.  All around the diocese new clergy teams have been preparing by visiting the parishes of their grouping, participating in sessions for formation and information, and talking about a shared vision and their hopes for the future.


          This post announces the interim Mass schedule for our grouping.  Both the new Sunday Mass schedule and the new weekday Mass schedules are attached. The new weekday schedule is effective on Monday, October 15, 2018, and the weekend schedule begins with the Vigil Masses on Saturday, October 20, 2018.  Please remember that this schedule is interim, which means it will be evaluated and adjusted as necessary, after the clergy team has had sufficient time to celebrate Masses, and determine, with your feedback, how it suits the pastoral needs of all the parishioners in our grouping.


          The interim schedule was developed by Fr. David Bonnar, the incoming administrator, with input from me, the outgoing pastor, clergy teams and regional vicar.  The schedule accommodates as best as possible, the number of priests assigned to a grouping, the seating capacity of the churches, parking availability, accessibility, Sunday religious education schedules, and geography and travel time between churches.  St. Bernard’s and Our Lady of Grace’s Mass schedules have been altered slightly, both Sunday and weekday.


          We are embarking on a new endeavor to bring renewed energy around the practice of our faith in the whole diocese.  Even as we face changing schedules and new clergy assignments, we are called to promote unity and share our resources for the good of the Body of Christ.  May God continue to guide us always and in all ways.


                                                                            Sincerely in Christ,


                                                                             Rev. Richard A. Infante

                                                                             Pastor (outgoing)