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“Jesus has made himself the Bread of Life to give us life. Night and day, He is there. If you really want to grow in love, come back to the Eucharist, come back to that Adoration.” Mother Teresa


The Eucharist is celebrated within the context of the Mass. In the celebration of the Mass, during the Eucharistic Prayer, Christ becomes present, body and blood, soul and divinity, under the forms of bread and wine. Through the priest our gifts of bread and wine are changed into the body and blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ at every Mass.


At consecration, Christ's saving action, His passion, death, and resurrection are once again enacted and offered, so that we the faithful acknowledge and celebrate the saving action of Christ.


The reception of Communion at Mass is a sign of our belief in the redemptive power of Christ in our personal lives, in the Church, and in the world.


The Mass is celebrated Sundays, Saturdays and weekdays at Our Lady of Grace Church. The desire of the Church is for all of the faithful to gather on Sundays and Holy Days. The faithful are also invited to daily Mass. 


See the section on Mass times on this website for further information.