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Holy Orders

The Sacrament of Holy Orders insures that "the mission entrusted by Christ to His disciples continues to be exercised in the Church until the end of time" (CCC 1536). There are three degrees to this Sacrament: the episcopate (bishops), the presbyterate (priests), and the diaconate (deacons).


Individuals and families are urged to pray for discernment about their own vocations (single life, married life or religious life) from a young age and throughout their lives. The parish community is also asked to pray for an increase in those called to the religious life.


Is God Calling You?


Perhaps you've felt a quiet leading during prayer, or perhaps the idea of serving as a deacon or priest fills you with excitement. Maybe the thought of becoming a deacon or priest just won't "leave you alone," no matter how much you try and drown it out. The experience of a priestly or diaconal vocation is unique for everybody. Regardless, it is a great gift both to the individual and to the whole Church. As such, it is important to spend time discerning whether this is truly where God is calling you. Often the hectic pace of modern life makes it difficult for a young man or woman to discern the Lord’s call to service in the church.


If you have wondered or thought about a religious vocation for your life, you are encouraged to meet with the pastor and talk about it. Formal inquiry may then be made with the Diocese of Pittsburgh or one of the many religious orders serving here or elsewhere. If you have questions about a possible vocation, please contact Father Richard, 412-279-7070,


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