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Planned Giving

Planned giving is any major gift made as a part of a donor’s overall financial or estate planning. It can be done either during the donor’s lifetime, or distributed from an estate. Planned gifts not only provide for the charitable organization, but can also benefit the donor and heirs now and in the future. Planned gifts include bequests from wills or trusts, life insurance, charitable trusts, IRAs and other retirement assets, pooled income funds, and annuities.


Depending on the asset given and the gift arrangement selected, a donor will experience some or all of the following benefits:

  • Make a lasting difference to Our Lady of Grace.

  • Avoid capital gains tax on gifts of appreciated property.

  • Reduce income tax through a deduction for a gift.

  • Eliminate federal estate tax on property passing to charity upon death.

  • Retain life income for themselves and other beneficiaries.

  • Reduce costs and time in estate settlement.

  • Fulfill philanthropic goals.

To make a gift to Our Lady of Grace from your estate, you must make your intentions clear in your will or trust. To ensure your wishes are carried out, your will or trust should be prepared in consultation with an attorney, who will help you craft the bequest, providing you with peace of mind and easing the burden on your loved ones.