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Our Lady of Grace Mass Intention Request

Mass Intentions

When we face the death of someone, even a person who is not Catholic, to have a priest offer a Mass for the repose of his soul and to offer our prayers are more beneficial and comforting than any other sympathy card or bouquet of flowers. To have a Mass offered on the occasion of a birthday, anniversary or special need is appropriate, beneficial and appreciated. The Church considers the Mass as the greatest possible prayer of intercession insofar as it is the perfect offering of Christ to the Father by making present the paschal mystery of his death and resurrection. The faithful make an offering, called a stipend, to the priest in order to apply the Mass to a specific intention. By making this offering, the faithful, by parting with something that is their own, associate themselves more intimately with Christ who offers himself in the sacred Host, and obtain thereby more abundant fruits. The offering of a stipend is also a means whereby Catholic may contribute to the upkeep of the clergy. 


Mass Intention Request



Please call the Rectory to schedule a Mass 412-279-7070.